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Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.

Because legs are the hardest thing to draw for me. Seriously, I’ll have a character with an awesome upper torso, then spaghetti legs.

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WILDSTAR is only a week away!  If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, get your priorities in order!!  I was lucky enough to have worked on a big chunk of the game, and here are some designs of mine that have been floating around for awhile.  PRE-ORDER! EXILES! 

Sorry if my personal granok female fantasies have offended any of you.  I’ll keep that one just for me!!!

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Here’s a few artists I like that have shops on InPrnt, which is offering free international shipping today. Go nuts.

Leanna Crossan
Allen Douglas
Jenna Kass
Enrique Fernandez



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I’ve been very poor lately with progress shots. Here are a couple for something I am working on now. I can’t promise I’ll be regular with these shots but I’ll try. maybe remind me.

New print to be released soon by Black Dragon Press.Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the VampyreRegular2-colour 18” x 24” hand-pulled screen print270gsm Superfine Softwhite Eggshell.Hand numbered. Edition of 200Printed by White Duck Screenprint.Variant (pictured above)4-colour 18” x 24” hand-pulled screen print270gsm Superfine Softwhite Eggshell.Hand numbered. Edition of 50.Printed by White Duck Screenprint.With credits block in german


Selected images from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas, by Jules Verne. Published by the Folio Society. You can buy it here.

One of the best part of being an illustrator, in my humble opinion, is reading books that you might not have otherwise. Given the modern-day representations, I think I was expecting some sort of pulpy adventure story (quite an anachronistic notion, given the book was written in 1869). In reality, it’s a scientific travelogue: very thoroughly observed and researched. There are also some very beautiful descriptions of foreign lands that, when you think about it, are no closer to most of us now than they were in 1869.


Other Folio Society books I have illustrated:

Goblin Market and Selected Poems - Christina Rosetti

Irish Myths and Legends - Lady Gregory

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I made a tutorial about mixing colors when painting! It’s really long and rambly and probably repeats itself a lot, but maybe it’ll be helpful to somebody. It’s intended for people who already have a basic understanding of color theory, so I might recommend this tutorial by gawki if you don’t already know the basics.

this is important. even basic painting classes worth anything should touch on this.

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The Soul of War : by Olivier Villoingt / Store